Risk Maps - How the sections were defined

New Zealand's North Island has been split into four regions, and the South Island into two regions. For each region, two maps have been created - one displaying Collective Risk and one displaying Personal Risk.

Risk Mapping uses traffic and crash data to produce maps illustrating the relative level of risk on sections of the road network.

The first KiwiRAP Risk Maps were publishing in 2008 and used crash data from 2002-2006.

In 2012 updated Risk Maps were published using crash data from 2007-2011.

The 2012 results have assessed 10,849km of the (80+km/h) state highway network and broken it up into 168 road sections (known as links). Each of these links has been assigned a rating for both Collective Risk (crash density) and Personal Risk (crash rate).

KiwiRAP focuses on state highway links that are typically outside the urban area between major town centres, beginning and ending at the major urban area speed limit changes that is, state highway links that have speed limits of 80km/h or more.

National and regional Risk Maps from 2012 and 2008 are available in the Downloads section.



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